How to Manage Employee Issues

Steps of Progressive Discipline

A primary objective of every supervisor and manager should be to establish a work environment where employees are productive, treated fairly, allowed to communicate openly with management and understand what is expected of them in the performance of their job. It is also a supervisor’s responsibility to recognize a potential performance issue early, and to take the necessary steps to assist the employee with correcting the problem. If, however, the problem is not corrected, supervisors and managers are expected to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Dealing With Poor Work Habits

Your success as a supervisor depends on your ability to maintain team work within your work unit. Employees with poor work habits decrease productivity, may create friction among employees and damage the entire group’s morale. Several different types of poor work habits may affect your work.

They may be work habits that, affect the employee’s output, affect the output of other employees, violate College policies and procedures, or become too annoying or offensive to overlook.

As a supervisor, you need to:

  • Discuss the problem with your employee in a positive way, while maintaining the employee’s self esteem;

  • Solicit the employee’s feedback and cooperation in solving the problem;

  • Try to make the employee understand that the problem as well as the solution belongs to him/her;

  • Offer your guidance by clearly and specifically stating what the employee must do in order to improve his/her performance, and set time lines to correct the problem;

  • Monitor the employee’s progress; and

  • Plan a disciplinary approach if the situation is not remedied.

It is important employees fully understand that, with the exception of certain specific offenses, they will receive counseling, coaching and adequate warning before the supervisor takes disciplinary action. When used properly, progressive discipline can benefit both the employee and management.

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