Involve A Third Party in Your Decision-Making Process For Avoiding a Bad Decision

We make countless decisions every day: when to hold  a meeting, whom to hire for a critical role, whether to greenlight a new project. for high-stakes decisions where  a mistake might be fatal, involve an impartial party in your decision-making process.

Someone with a fresh perspective and without your emotional attachment to the situation can help identify where your decisions may be unduly influenced by past experiences. Ask a colleague from another department or an outside consultant to play this role. For crucial decisions, it will be well worth the time to seek that extra opinion.

Temp Agencies Can Help You to Maximize Your Workforce

A knowledgeable staffing agent is more than a convenience to busy business owners in need of temp workers or new full-time staff. Business owners know their own company’s needs, but staffing agencies bring their independent, outside assessment to the table and can help companies make the very best hiring decisions. Staffing agencies offer outsourced staffing solutions; whereby, recruitment staff isn’t needed in-house.

Moreover, with a keen understanding of ways to develop the talents of current staff, pinpoint gaps and areas of development, as well as make informed recommendations about hiring, a reputable temp agency can provide valuable insights and advice that can improve any company’s bottom line.

The greatest advantage of outsourcing your hiring and recruitment to a temp agency is that you will gain insight into your own company’s real hiring needs. It turns out that most companies looking to hire are actually overstaffed or underutilizing their current staff. With an in-depth assessment of a company’s strength and weaknesses, a temp agency will prepare a detailed and customized workforce optimization strategy that pinpoints actual hiring needs. Of the most value are their recommendations of how a company might make the most of current staff and maximize their talents and productivity. The result is better employee retention and less expense on excessive hiring.

Temp agencies help business owners with a crucial aspect of business function: employee retention. When a company loses an employee through termination or resignation, the damage does not end there and leaves more than an empty desk or work station. Loss of an employee can, directly or indirectly, hurt a company’s bottom line. In fact, that loss can cost a company up to 150% of the employee’s annual salary. Temp agencies help prevent this damage by increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction and also by carefully matching potential employees to fill vacant positions. With proven strategies for pairing workers and employees based on many detailed criteria, business owners enjoy better employee retention and a satisfied, content staff.

Outsourcing hiring to a temp agency is not a luxury set aside for only the most successful business owners. Even the smallest companies can benefit tremendously and save money in the long run by trusting a reputable staffing agency to take on the task of identifying true hiring needs and then finding the perfect candidate for the position. A temp agency is indeed a time-saver and convenience for business owners; also the valuable insight and independent assessment can improve hiring choices and employee retention.

How to Hire Collaborative People

In today’s densely interconnected workplaces, employees work in teams of all types — virtual, task force, and ad hoc combinations. and a company’s success hinges on workers’ ability to collaborate, share knowledge, and handle conflict productively within teams. as a manager, you need to help foster a culture where these things can blossom.
One way to do this is to hire for collaboration. Make sure candidates are interviewed by as many people as possible. (If all interviewers approve, a candidate is likely promising. And if hired, the newcomer will have an instant network for collaboration.) During interviews, present real-life work scenarios to candidates and ask how they’d respond. Their answers will provide invaluable insight into whether they prefer to work collaboratively or independently

Five Traits of A Great Leader

Here are five things you can do to succeed as a great leader:
  1. Instead of commanding, coach your team and organization toward success.
  2. Don’t manage people, empower them. The know-how, experience, and solutions are often out there; it’s a matter of helping people discover them.
  3. Cultivate respect by giving it, instead of demanding it.
  4. Know how to manage both success and failure.
  5. Show graciousness in your management, rather than greediness. Be humble about your successes, and whenever possible, give someone else the opportunity to shine.

How Staffing Agencies Can Save you Time and Money

There are a number of ways that staffing agencies can assist you in hiring the right talent for every job opening, but essentially they act as an extension of your existing human resources department. If your HR department consists of only you, the owner, then outsourcing some of your hiring practices can be a tremendous boost to both your productivity and your sanity.

Certain HR decisions, like hiring, can be overwhelming and often bring no immediate monetary return to your company. And hiring the wrong person can have a lasting impact on company morale, productivity and the bottom line. Here just a few ways staffing agencies can take the headache out of hiring.

Easier to Find Employees with Specific Talent

While you probably know your industry very well, you may be hopeless when it comes to understanding some of the niche roles in your company. If you’re not a writer or a designer, you may not know how to attract the right marketing professional to your team. If you’re looking to launch an annual fundraiser, you’ll need an event planner who can help realize your vision. Staffing agencies can help you identify and contact talented individuals you might not know how to find. They can help you assess employees, check their references and identify candidates who will fit your needs.

Reduce the Cost of New Hire, Bad Hires

Hiring any employee is a large investment of time, effort and resources to post a job, screen applicants, interview and then train a new employee. Staffing agencies take that cost out of your hand when you contract their services. Yes, it requires a relatively hefty fee to actually work with the recruiting company, but think about it in long term.

Additionally, using a staffing agency can drastically reduce your chances of making the wrong hire. The Department of Labor estimates the cost of replacing a employee to be one-third of their salary. However, hiring the wrong employee and fixing the mistake within 6 months can cost as much as 2.5 times the person’s salary. Even at $40,000 a year, that is a $120,000 mistake, including their salary.  Isn’t that worth the cost of doing it right the first time?

A Motivated Job Search

Let’s face it: there are a number of tasks that you would prefer to do instead of combing through resumes and applications for the right hire. Many small business owners will drag out the process, costing themselves more money as they struggle by without the proper staff.  Since you’re paying them to find the right employees, a staffing firm will not suffer from a lack of motivation. And since they can only compete on their reputations, these agencies have become skilled at weeding out potential job candidates who are not properly motivated or lack the skills necessary for a specific job. Since they are working for you, not a jobseeker, a recruitment agency will work to assess potential employees to make sure they’re a perfect fit. This will help you cut down the risk of a bad hire, while also minimizing the time and effort spent identifying quality candidates.