Write a To-Do List That Works

If you’r like most people, you’ve got some tasks on your to-do list that you just dread tackling. If tasks seem overwhelming, it’s usually because you’re looking at them as whole projects, rather than individual tasks. To create an approachable to-do list, break each project down into bite-size, easy-to-complete actions.

For example, planning a launch meeting consists of┬ásmall tasks like emailing participants and reserving a meeting room. if you write all those small tasks on your to-do list rather than the daunting “plan the launch meeting”, you’ll find them much easier to take care of because each one won’t require much thought or time. Complete enough of these small tasks and your big project will soon be done.

Four Tips to Improve Your Team’s Performance

Managing your team’s performance is a challenge no matter what the environment. Take the extra time and effort to help your team successd in what will likely be a tough year for all.

  • Give your team much-needed perspective. Relive pressure by encouraging them to have fun, and remind them work is not the only thing in their lives.
  • Spend time with all your team members, not just the stars. It’s easy to focus on A+ performers, but success relies on everyone doing his or her job well.
  • When something doesn’t go as planned, acknowledge the setback and move on.
  • Focus on team sucess. Celebrate what you have accomplished together, rather than individual achievements.