How to Inspire Your Team or Employees

As a manager, one of your key responsibilities is to inspire your team-to motivate them to give their best on the job, make difficult changes, and overcome major obstacles. Your communication skills can make or break your ability to provide inspiration.

To sharpen up, practice framing a call to action as a challenge; for example, “We can turn our struggling business unit around.” This approach lets your people know that if they want a new and better team, they ‘ll have to work for it. You’ll lead the charge, but you need their support. As you present the challenge, communicate a sense of hope. It will help your team push through the tough choices necessary to survive and succeed in the current climate.

Involve A Third Party in Your Decision-Making Process For Avoiding a Bad Decision

We make countless decisions every day: when to hold  a meeting, whom to hire for a critical role, whether to greenlight a new project. for high-stakes decisions where  a mistake might be fatal, involve an impartial party in your decision-making process.

Someone with a fresh perspective and without your emotional attachment to the situation can help identify where your decisions may be unduly influenced by past experiences. Ask a colleague from another department or an outside consultant to play this role. For crucial decisions, it will be well worth the time to seek that extra opinion.